Coronavirus: Buses, motor-coaches to rally in DC to raise awareness for industry

YELLOW SPRINGS — One local business owner is trying to raise awareness for the motorcoach and bus industry that have been hit hard by the stay-at-home orders.

News Center 7′s Adam Marshall spoke with the founder of Dream Catcher Coaches in Yellow Springs who will be traveling to Washington DC next week to help raise awareness.

Rob Garfield owns nine high-end motorcoaches that have been sitting empty during what is normally his busy season.

“They would be just starting up with pro baseball and soccer seasons," explained Garfield. "And then you have the musicians starting their touring season.”

Dream Catcher Coaches has lost more than one million dollars of revenue since the start of the pandemic.

“Our last bus got back here o the 15th of March," said Garfield. "They’ve been sitting ever since with no revenue. But the bills keep coming in.”

This loss is why Garfield and many of his colleagues from around the country will be making their way to Washington DC early net week.

“We’re going to try to tell the government, missed us. We need some help,” explained Garfield.

On May 13th at 11 a.m., several hundred buses and motorcoaches are expected to roll through DC for what’s being called, ‘Motorcoaches: Rolling for Awareness.’

Organizers hope to highlight the essential role these buses and companies play in moving travel groups, schools, work events, and sports teams.

“The government bailed out every arm of the transportation industry, except the bus industry," said Garfield. "We move over 600-million people a year in the United States.”

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