Deputy, truck driver, custodians rescue family and baby from house fire

School custodians, a garbage truck driver and Clark County Sheriff’s deputies helped five people, including a baby, escape from the roof of a burning house Wednesday morning in Springfield.

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Two custodians at Reid School saw the burning house, on South Bird Street right across from the school. They called 911 and ran across the street to help the family members who were standing on the roof.

At about the same time, a garbage truck driver pulled his truck up to the roof line where two adults and a child were able to escape.

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On a different section of the roof, a woman and baby were still trapped. They were standing, and the baby began to roll off, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

The custodians and the deputy were standing below and the deputy was able to catch the baby. The woman then jumped.

All four were taken to a hospital for minor injuries and smoke inhalation.

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The American Red Cross has been called to the scene.

The house, which caught fire about 9:30 a.m., is a complete loss.

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