I-75 road rage 911 call: Bullets ‘came inches away from my head’

911 caller describes road rage shooting on I-75

UPDATE @ 2 p.m.:

A driver who said he was shot at Sunday afternoon going south on Interstate 75 said bullets “came inches away from my head,” according to a call to police dispatchers.

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The driver of a Kia Sol said he got on the highway at the interstate’s Dixie Drive interchange and was soon fired up, according to a 911 call.

“I got on the exit heading southbound from West Carrollton,” the driver told dispatchers. “He started following me really close. I’m trying to switch lanes and get away from him, and then he just started unloading on me as he was passing me.”

The 911 caller said he tried to alert the other vehicle that his child was in the car with him but it didn’t deter the shooter, who he said was the passenger in a silver Toyota Corolla.

“Even when he passed me, I was pointing out my kid. I got my kid in the car. Then paused for a second. Then he like ‘pow, pow, pow...unloaded the whole (expletive) clip in my car.”


A driver trying to avoid debris in the road is believed to be what sparked a road rage shooting on Interstate 75 in Miami Twp. Sunday afternoon, according to police.

The incident was first reported around 4 p.m. Sunday on I-75 South, between East Dixie Drive in West Carrollton and I-675 in Miami Twp.

One driver told police he attempted to avoid a piece of debris in the highway and went into another lane.

A second car, described as a silver four-door car, similar to a Toyota Corolla, fired several shots at the first car with at least three of those shots hitting the vehicle, Miami Twp. Police Officer Pat McCoy told this news outlet.

No one inside the first car was hit by the gunfire, however the bullets disabled the car.

Road rage drive-by momentarily shuts down part of I-75 south while police search the area

The suspect vehicle continued south on I-75 and exited on I-675, McCoy said.

Police are working to identify suspects, but so far have only been able to determine the suspect vehicle was driven by a woman and a man in the passenger seat did the shooting.

"This is the highest level of road rage I've ever seen,” McCoy said.

"This guy didn't seem to care about any body, and he's shooting a gun on a freeway without any regard at all to anyone else's safety."

The investigation blocked lanes on the highway and eventually shut down all southbound lanes of I-75 between 7 and 8 p.m. All lanes were reopened later Sunday night.

Investigators are looking to see if surveillance footage from highway cameras or other nearby cameras captured the incident and could lead to identifying the suspects or suspect vehicle.

If you have information that could help police, you’re urged to contact the Miami Twp. Police Department, through the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center at 937-225-4357.