Paychecks keep coming for some after tornado damage closes businesses

Many employees are worried about their next paycheck after businesses were destroyed from recent storm damage, but that is not the case at one company where the employees continue to get paid even though a portion of the roof collapsed as the tornadoes swept through Memorial Day night.

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"In our business planning with our insurance firm, we've always had a portion set aside to pay our employees, for up to six months in a catastrophic event like this," said James Williams, Miami Valley Packaging Solutions president. "Those guys were worried day one."


Miami Valley Packaging Solutions, 150 Janney Road in Dayton, is being housed in a temporary facility. Now, employees have found new ways to help the business out.

“They’ve stepped up in their own way by doing things they wouldn’t normally do, with physical work and cleanup efforts,” Williams said.

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The company manufactures boxes for businesses throughout the Miami Valley.

Miami Valley Packaging Solutions has approximately 40 employees and right now they are working at about 5 percent capacity.

“Hopefully in six months we are back under the old roof and functioning as normal there,” he said.