Electrical safety tips: How to prevent house fires as utilities are restored

House fires are not uncommon as power is restored in the aftermath of disastrous storms like those the Miami Valley experienced on Memorial Day.

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Beavercreek Fire Marshal Randy Grogean and Dayton Power & Light both offer safety precautions to follow as electricity is restored.

Grogean said to make sure the main breaker to your home and all appliances are turned off. Following this precaution will allow DP&L and other companies to check your home for safety issues prior to restoring energy.

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If your home sustained damage in the storm, have a licensed electrician check your house before turning the breaker back on. If your home went undamaged, Grogean suggests controlling the areas you restore power to and check each one as you turn the breakers back on.

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DP&L tells customers to contact them to stop service if you are unable to occupy your home. This will prevent further damage to your property such as a potential fire. It also will stop your monthly bills.

If you receive a hazard tag, call a licensed electrician to make necessary repairs. If equipment such as a service entrance cable, meter socket or breaker box is replaced, an electrical inspection is required. Once repairs are made and inspections are approved, call DP&L at 937-331-4860 to have a technician reconnect your electrical service.

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