Coronavirus: Plastics company mass produces personal protective equipment for Reid Health

It is no secret that healthcare workers are experiencing a global shortage of personal protective equipment, but one company is taking extra steps to contribute by making face shields for Reid Health.

Primex Plastics Corporation located in Richmond, Indiana, developed, designed and scheduled mass production of personal protective equipment for Reid in just two days, according to a release.

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The manager of Reid Health’s material services department, Brent Cotter, suggested that it might be beneficial if a local plastics company could help with the shortage of shields.

Word got around when Dale Blunk, an employee who works in the sales department of Primex attended a Bible study with Scott Rauch, Reid Health’s vice president.

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By Monday morning Primex and Reid Health were discussing what gear needed to be produced and Primex got to work, the release said.

“We took all the things we have in our building that we make, threw them on the table and said 'here it is: our Apollo 13.' We all sat down - eight feet apart - and said, 'how do we do this?'" said Doug Borgsdorf, business unit director of Primex Plastics Corporation.

Reid Health says the company is also ramping up production to help other healthcare providers.

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