WATCH: Allison Janney quarantining in her parents’ Dayton-area home

Allison Janney is back in the Dayton area, as what was supposed to be a 3-day trip has turned into more than two months home with her parents. Janney grew up in Oakwood, graduated from the Miami Valley School, and has a star on the Dayton Region’s Walk of Fame.

She appeared on Ellen Tuesday to speak about her quarantine experience in her parents’ Dayton home.

“This is the longest time I’ve spent with my parents since 10th grade!” said Janney.

Janney says her family enjoys dinner every night together, but have taken to eating on tray tables in front of the TV to watch Jeopardy and The Great British Baking Show.

She also revealed she only packed for three days and has been borrowing her mom’s clothes in the meantime.

Janney also said her mother is a “collector” and has been helping her go through while home, from tea towels and greeting cards.

She also took Ellen on a tour of her parents’ house.

But her appearance on Ellen isn’t just for fun. Janney also played one of Ellen’s games from home called Drawer Dash and won $10,000 for the Dayton Foodbank.

News Center 7 spoke with the Dayton Foodbank and they told us that the money donated will provide 60,000 meals for those in need.