20 years later: Dayton International Airport safety procedures have changed since 9/11 tragedy

DAYTON — The Dayton International Airport implemented new procedures designed to keep people safe after the tragic events of 9/11.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell spoke with Don Barker, Ohio Federal Security Director for TSA, about the changes made over the past 20 years to keep citizens safe while traveling.

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“The changes have been significant and most of the changes are technology,” Barker said.

Twenty years ago, checked baggage was screened only on isolated spot checks. Now every piece is closely examined with machines that are equal of a hospital CAT Scan.

Barker said TSA works to balance security with passenger privacy and comfort.

Tariq Latif, a passenger who flew into Dayton to see his daughter told Campbell he remembers procedures before 9/11 and why those procedures had to change.

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Latif witnessed the events of 9/11 while he was working in New York twenty years ago.

“I saw flames coming out from the Towers and I couldn’t believe it, everyone was running around,” Latif said.

Latif said he had to stay in his office for several days before being able to return home and he is glad security changes keep him safe to come to Dayton to visit his daughter.

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