UD student death: More than 130 lives saved or healed by Currin organ, tissue donation, family says

Dayton police offer explanation for initially calling incident a hit-and-run accident.

DAYTON — Michael Currin, the first-year UD student who died hours after he was found critically injured on Wayne Avenue early Sunday, saved more than 130 lives through donations of his organs and tissue, his family announced.

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“It will surprise no one who loved him that he is an organ and tissue donor, with the power to save eight lives through organ donation and heal up to 125 more through tissue donation,” his family said in a message on social media.

His medical team honored him and his service to others this week with an honor walk on his way to the operating room, the family said in the social media post. “They played ‘Up’ by Thomas Rhett (a song he loved) and the surgeons honored him before the procedure began,” his family said.

“We ask continued prayers for the Currin family and than Michael as he continues to ‘give’ of himself like he did every day throughout his beautiful life,” the family said in the post.

Also Wednesday, the Dayton Police Department pulled back the initial crash report regarding what happened to first-year UD student Michael Currin because more information was needed, according to a statement the department released Wednesday afternoon.

Currin, 19, died hours after he was found early Sunday, bloodied and face down in the 3100 block of Wayne Avenue.

According to a Dayton police crash report posted Monday, Currin was injured in a hit-and-run crash in the area of Wayne and Pursell avenues. That same day, the crash report was removed from the state’s crash report system and the police department issued a statement late Monday afternoon that Currin’s injuries were caused by “unknown circumstances.”

“As we announced on Monday afternoon (9/21), the Michael Currin investigation was expanded to include the Dayton Police Department Homicide Unit due to the severity of his injuries and the uncertain circumstances of how they occurred,” department information specialist Cara Zinski-Neace said.

“It was concluded the initial crash report should be withdrawn until additional information regarding cause and circumstances of Mr. Currin’s injuries could be established through subsequent investigation.”