Death of dog is under investigation: Neighbors claim animal was left outside in heat

HARRISON TWP. — A dead dog was removed from a Harrison Twp. property Saturday and the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is investigating.

Dispatch records reveal a neighbor called the sheriff’s office shortly before 6:30 p.m. Saturday to report the discovery behind a home on Ontario Avenue in Northridge.

“Their dog’s laying out back, dead. No water. It’s on a leash,” the neighbor said in a non-emergency call obtained by WHIO.

Another man, whose family lives on Ontario Avenue, told News Center 7 the animal had been left outside repeatedly on hot summer days, either in a cage or tethered by leash to a tree.

“I know some of (the neighbors) tried giving it water, giving it treats, but there’s only so much you can do. You can’t go wandering into somebody’s yard, cutting their puppy loose,” said the man, who did not want his identity revealed out of fear of retaliation against his family.

The man claims he left the home owner a note on June 1 after seeing the dog out in the heat, encouraging the owner to get the animal shade and water. He said he contacted the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center when the dog continued to be left outside.

“The dog’s supposed to be part of your family, I don’t get how someone could leave a dog out there like that to die,” he said.

According to dispatch records, the Animal Resource Center “collected the deceased animal and (also a) live pit bull puppy” from the property.

Monday, ARC officials told News Center 7 the case is under investigation.

No cause of death for the animal has been made public.

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