Dontae Jones


I am very excited to be back in my home state and it is an honor to be a part of the award-winning Storm Center 7 team. Growing up in Akron, I had a chance to experience anything from copious amounts of lake effect snow to searing summers with severe thunderstorms. In fact, it is those thunderstorms that sparked my interest in weather. I’ve always been a news junkie, even at an early age and wanted to be a news anchor then decided that I would blend my weather and anchoring desires and become a broadcast meteorologist. I graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences. Soon after graduating, I became a Weekend Meteorologist for The Ohio News Network, based in Columbus. After spending some time with ONN, I accepted a position as the Weekday Morning and Noon Meteorologist for WNCT-TV9 in Greenville, North Carolina (near the Outer Banks). While there, I had the chance to track hurricanes and other tropical systems. After spending the last 5 and a half years in eastern North Carolina, enjoying the warm climate and the beaches, I felt the call to come back home to the Buckeye State and the Birthplace of Aviation. While most of my time has been spent in northeast Ohio and central Ohio, I am thrilled about getting to know the people and places of the Miami Valley. OrderedDict([('b', 'Q&A')]) OrderedDict([('span', OrderedDict([('@id', 'U71072367784SlL'), ('b', 'Favorite Things')]))])

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