WATCH: “It’s our job to defend the defenseless” | DeWine gives speech on racial disparity

DeWine gives speech on racial disparity

Gov. DeWine, Amy Acton, and Lt. Gov. Husted each took the time during their press conference Tuesday to discuss racial issues in Ohio, in response to the weekend’s protests around the death of George Floyd.

“We have too many Ohioans living in the shadows of opportunity. Too many Ohioans living in the margins. There is still racism in Ohio," DeWine said.

He urged “any Ohioan” to start a dialogue with him, to work towards solutions around economic, educational, and health disparities for the marginalized.

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“The Coronavirus has laid bare our vulnerabilities, our fears, our outrage, our uncertainty, our disparities, and our injustices. We must come together to help solve these historic injustices," he said.

Acton also took the opportunity to speak on these issues, after giving the daily Coronavirus case numbers.

“Racism is a public health issue,” she said, adding, "We are one, it’s that basic...we need to create a world where ALL Ohioans can flourish.”

Acton also spoke on economic disparity in public health, saying, "We should not be able to predict your life expectancy based on your zip code.”