Republican lawmakers call on Biden to delete campaign TikTok account

President Biden is facing pressure from some members of Congress to delete a campaign TikTok account.

The account made its debut during the Super Bowl, where President Biden is seen answering light-hearted questions about the game.

Biden’s reelection team says it’s meant to reach young voters.

But the move is facing backlash in Congress over national security concerns stemming from fears about the Chinese parent company.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has been an outspoken critic of TikTok.

“The Chinese government has access to the data whenever they want,” said Rubio. “It harms our country and it’s a danger to our future.”

Rubio led a letter co-signed by fellow Republicans in Congress urging Biden to delete the TikTok account.

“Over the past several years, officials from both sides of the aisle have cautioned Americans against downloading TikTok and worked to eliminate national security risks posed by the app,” the letter said. “For example, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray said that TikTok ‘screams out with national security concerns.’”

The letter points out President Biden banned TikTok from the government devices of nearly four million federal workers more than a year ago because of security concerns.

“There was a time when your administration publicly stated the threat posed by TikTok,” the letter said. “It is incredibly troubling, then, that you are now ignoring TikTok’s well-established national security risks.”

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