Armed pizza delivery driver thwarts would-be carjackers, police say

PHILADELPHIA — A pizza delivery driver turned the tables on two masked men who attempted to carjack him late Tuesday night, pulling out a gun and shooting one of them, according to multiple reports.

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The incident happened just before midnight as the 21-year-old driver was dropping off food at an apartment complex in Chestnut Hill, according to KYW-TV and WCAU.

Police told WPVI that two masked men armed with guns forced the driver back into his vehicle. One of the men got into the driver’s backseat with him while the other got into the front seat, Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told WCAU.

“He was being carjacked and robbed,” Small said.

The masked men wanted to know where the 21-year-old worked, demanded money and asked if he had any apps on his phone that he could use to get them cash, WCAU reported.

“At one point, the 21-year-old delivery man was able to get out of the vehicle and confronted one of the perpetrators who had a gun,” Small told KYW. “The 21-year-old delivery man, we know, fired at least two shots.”

The driver told police that he had a shootout with one of the masked men, who was shot in the lower back, WTXF-TV and KYW reported. The man ran about 300 feet before authorities found him on the ground, according to the news stations.

The delivery driver, who has a license to carry, was not hurt, WPVI reported.

The injured man, who was not identified by police, was taken to a hospital in critical condition, WTXF reported. The other suspected robber fled into Springfield Township, according to the news station.

Authorities told WCAU that the driver was on the phone with his brother, who also works at the pizza shop, during the attempted robbery.

Police continue to investigate.

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