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‘To pray or to win, it ain’t no sin;’ Nuns cheer Bengals on with prayers and rap

CINCINNATI — There is a special group of Cincinnati Bengals fans who are among the most faithful.

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The Carmelite Daughters of Elias went to their very first game this past season against the Carolina Panthers, according to their Facebook page.

They wear orange and black hats over their veils and have a Bengals sign on their porch.

They are also cheering the Bengals with prayers and a rap.

“Some people ask us why we pray for a football game,” one nuns said. “But it’s more than just a football game.”

They continued.

To pray or to win it ain’t no sin because I’m from C I N C I N N A T I. This is my hometown. Gonna love it till I die when the Bengals do play. I get the money and I pray with the Virgin Mary on call St. Joseph. Get us the ball. Boom. Wanna us. It can be us, give God the glory. This is our story. Who who who they think they’re gonna beat them Bengals when they play in Missouri. I say nobody.”

The sisters say they love the team camaraderie and charity work the players do for the city.

The Carmelite Daughters of Elias to pray for the other team, but pray they do well elsewhere.

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