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New set of voting maps adopted by Ohio Redistricting Commission

COLUMBUS — There is a new set of voting maps that could shape elections across the state.

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The Ohio Redistricting Commission unveiled the Republican-drawn maps, according to our news partner WBNS in Columbus.

Four Republicans on the commission voted to use them as a working draft while two Democrats voted against them.

“We can argue about it, what the 10-year lookback it, but if you’re going to include 2022 data, it is 56-43,” said Allison Russo, State House Minority Leader. “This map does not achieve that.”

The Ohio Supreme Court found five sets of maps approved last year were unconstitutional.

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Republican state Sen. Rob McColley told commissioners Wednesday his plan is largely in line with the bipartisan discussions, WBNS says.

The maps would create a 23-10 baseline advantage for Republicans in the state Senate and a 62-37 edge in the House. It would not count five toss-up districts in the Senate and 11 in the House.

The new maps will be on display for public meetings.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose set an October 23 deadline for a final vote.