School buses return to road; OSHP inspecting them before school year starts

CLAYTON, Ohio — Kids are getting read to head back to class and many will ride a bus to school, but before that happens, those buses have to be inspected.

There are more than 10,000 school buses in Ohio and each one of them will be inspected by a member of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Trooper Mark Murray, who is a Motor Vehicle Inspector with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, said, “It takes approximately 30 minutes for the inspection. Every system is inspected, including the color of the paint to the security of the seats, brake system, and steering system. Everything on the bus is inspected by these guys.

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According to inspectors, buses are inspected at least once and often twice per year. COVID-19 slowed inspections down and even temporarily stopped the process last year, but things are busy now.

Trooper Murray was at Northmont Local Schools on Monday and he said, “We’ve been pretty much non-stop since May.”

Troopers said the most common bus issues involve lights and brakes. Some violations will take a buss of the road until it’s fixed, while other violations can be repaired over time.

In 2020, troopers said they were 577 school bus-related crashes. So far in 2021, the Buckeye State has had 411 crashes involving school buses. 27 of those crashes were in Montgomery County, while 11 were in Greene County and 7 were in Miami County.

School buses are back on the road and troopers say it’s important that all drivers pay attention.

“It’s always better to stop. Don’t try to beat the bus before the arms comes all the way out. Just stop and give yourself a little extra time in the morning,” Trooper Murray said.