Jamie Dupree

Trump says evidence that Biden uses drugs for debates is on ‘the internet’

Instead of focusing on policy differences with Joe Biden in the lead up to the first 2020 debate on Tuesday night in Cleveland, President Donald Trump again insisted on Sunday - without offering any evidence to support his claim - that Biden has been taking some kind of drugs to help his debate performance.

“He was out of it,” the President said of Biden’s early debate performances during the Democratic Primary race, as he said the only answer was some kind of outside substance.

“People say he was on performance enhancing drugs,” the President said during a White House news conference on Sunday.

Pressed immediately by reporters to identify any source for his charge, the President issued a vague response.

“You can check out the internet,” Mr. Trump added. “A lot of people have said that.”

The charge by the President - with absolutely no evidence to back it up - is nothing new.

Earlier this month on Fox News, the President said Biden was taking some kind of drugs to make him more lively.

“He’s taking something or - you know - that gives him clarity,” the President said on Fox and Friends.

“I don’t know, it’s very strange. I think -- yes, I think he should take a drug test,” Mr. Trump added, something that he put on Twitter again on Sunday.

“I’m not joking,” the President said of his call for a drug test.

On Sunday, Biden started to respond to a question about the President’s call - but then stopped. The President’s campaign arm thought so much of the response, that they swiftly posted it on Twitter.

In recent months, the President has repeatedly made Biden out to be almost mentally incapable of debating - while Biden’s 2020 debate record was nothing like that, as he fought off a series of primary challengers.

Jamie Dupree

Jamie Dupree, CMG Washington News Bureau

Radio News Director of the Washington Bureau