Coronavirus: Xenia restaurant plans June 1 reopening for patio service instead of Friday

Coronavirus: Xenia restaurant plans June 1 reopening for patio service instead of Friday

XENIA — Marc Perkins, owner of Nick's Restaurant says carryout service will continue but patio service will not resume until at least June 1.

"It just doesn't make sense at this time. It's more than just opening. It has to make sense for our employees, our customers and remain profitable", said Perkins.

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Perkins told News Center 7 he's taking advantage of the closure ordered by the state to complete a planned patio renovation. However, he has talked with Xenia city officials and Greene County Public Health about his tentative plan to reopen his patio, with a twist, on June 1.

"We have plans to put a tent in the parking lot. We're meeting with Prime Time Party Rental to expand our patio into the parking lot which will enable us to have full patio seating hopefully", said Perkins.

Construction isn't the only reason Perkins isn't reopening Friday. Perkins says a shortage of meat and non-perishable items, such as to-go containers, has also played a role in his decision not to reopen this week. He also said when he does open his doors, he wants his restaurant, staff and the public to be ready and safe.

"We're just going to make sure we're doing everything we're supposed to do", said Perkins. "We have a great relationship with all departments in Greene County and Greene County Public Health said it will help us develop a floor plan. Safety will not be an issue. We're going to do everything we're supposed to do so everyone will come back."

Perkins was forced to temporarily lay off nearly 60 members of his staff when Governor Mike DeWine ordered restaurants closed in March. Perkins told News Center 7, he hopes to hire everyone back.

Nick’s Restaurant is located at 1447 N. Detroit Street in Xenia. For more information, visit its Facebook page @justwingitatnicks or its website