MYSTERY SOLVED: What caused purple creek

UPDATE @ 4:50 p.m.: The Ohio EPA has traced the purple color in Little Bear Creek in Dayton to Fulmer Landscaping. The product in the water was potassium permanganate. It's a substance used to treat and clean the water before it's discharged, but the company apparently used too much of the chemical, according to Ohio EPA.

The company agreed to shut off the process until the issue can be resolved.

At the moment, the Ohio EPA is evaluating whether to take further action. The discharge didn’t cause any fish kills, said Linda Fee Oros of the Ohio EPA.


A local man was surprised today to find the creek behind his house turned a vibrant shade of purple.

It happened at Little Bear Creek in Dayton.

Neighbors say they have no idea what caused the color change.

We’re checking with the Ohio EPA.

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