Englewood Cinema screens final movie Friday night

A local movie theater Friday night screened its final movie.

The last movie screened was an independent film, “Alone in the Ghost House,” by local filmmaker Henrique Couto. The movie started at 10 p.m. in the 304-seat Englewood Cinema, 320 W. National Road.

“It’s bittersweet night, we hate to be closing down, but unfortunately due to the technology changes and everything —it’s just not feasible for us to upgrade,” said Mike Snell, owner of the theater that opened in 1978.

The one-screen cinema uses 35mm film projectors. Snell said the movie industry’s switch to digital technology forced him to close because he can’t afford digital projectors, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Couto said he is especially pained by the theater’s closing.

“Having your movie show is so ridden with anxiety — and the next piece of the anxiety puzzle is that knowing this is the last show,” Couto said. “So if there is a dry eye in the house — I’ll be shocked.”