Google’s anti-trust trial to begin Tuesday

The largest anti-trust trial in decades began Tuesday, September 12.

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It pits Google against the U.S., as the Department of Justice claims the search engine paid billions to Apple to become the ‘default search engine,’ on devices and web browsers.

The government said it allows Google to dominate nearly 90% of all searches in the country and 95% of searches on mobile devices.

Google argues its search engine is the default because of its high quality and popularity with users.

“If we take action against these tech monopolies, really insist that they cannot be these dominant gatekeepers, we open up the market and we’re going to see all kinds of innovations and new developments online,” Co-Executive of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance Stacy Mitchell said.

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The trial is expected to last about 10 weeks.

If Google loses, it may have to pay a fine or potentially be broken up.