‘You’ve seen a lot when you live this long;’ Bengals fan celebrates her 105th birthday

CINCINNATI — There are a lot of things that can lead to a long and happy life.

For one 105-year-old in Cincinnati, it’s the Bengals and Whiskey.

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Florence Hackman, who goes by “Flo,” celebrated her 105th birthday Saturday by watching the Bengals beat the Vikings in overtime. She sipped Fireball Whiskey and hung out with firefighters.

“My mother lived to be 104, so I guess I got it from her because my father and all the men died young,” Flo told our news partner WCPO in Cincinnati. “I don’t know what we do to men, but they don’t live as long as the women.”

She’s lived through two pandemics, two World Wars, the moon landing, and so much more.

“You’ve seen a lot when you live this long,” she said to WCPO.

Flo says she stays young by drinking a fireball cocktail every day before dinner and working out daily on her exercise bike.

“I’m so happy I could be around this long, it’s just amazing to me that I’m still here,” she said.

As for her philosophy of life, it is to “stay with the happy people.”

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