Why you shouldn’t use a cellphone to photograph the total solar eclipse

Sun being blocked by moon during eclipse.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY — The total solar eclipse will pass through the Miami Valley in just a couple hours.

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The Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities reminds those viewing the natural phenomenon to avoid taking pictures of the eclipse with a cell phone.

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Taking photos of the eclipse on a cellphone may damage the phone’s sensors.

If you want to take pictures of the sun, you need a camera with specialized equipment and filters.

The board said it can be dangerous to look at the eclipse through a cell phone screen.

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If you choose to look at the eclipse, be sure to wear eclipse glasses.

Experts caution against looking at the total solar eclipse without glasses because sunlight may reappear quickly.

A local optometrist told News Center 7 that you should go to your doctor if you experience any kind of eye pain after the eclipse.

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