A 2-year-old boy was shot to death by his 13-year-old brother in a Harrison Twp. home on Monday, authorities say, and the man identified as their father is in federal custody on gun charges.

Here's what we know so far:

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* Jvontae Johnston, 2, is fatally wounded in a shooting Monday afternoon at home in the 2500 block of Wheeler Avenue, Harrison Twp. He is hit once, in the chest, and dies at the house.

* Jvontae's brother, 13, is charged Tuesday in Montgomery County Juvenile Court on a charge of delinquency by reason of reckless homicide. Sheriff Phil Plummer, at a news conference, calls it an accident that occurred when the older boy is believed to be playing with a .357 revolver that was in the house. A magistrate orders the boy to remain in detention. His next court date is June 12.

This news organization is not identifying the older boy by name.

* Jamahl Evans, 34, their father, is in federal custody on gun charges. He was arrested a few hours after the shooting. Plummer said the investigation reveals that Evans is believed to have been running a drug operation out of the house on Wheeler Avenue.

Investigators, in taking Evans into custody, recovered two handguns, marijuana ready for distribution and other items used in the distribution of drugs from the house, Plummer said. The government is seeking to keep Evans in jail and a hearing is scheduled for June 19.

“It’s unfortunate because (Evans) is a convicted felon and shouldn’t have a gun at all,” Plummer said. “But if you’re in the drug trade and you're dealing with drugs and cash, unfortunately they all have guns to protect themselves.”

U.S. District Court Judge Walter Rice has sealed the federal complaint and affidavit in the Evans case.

* “We shouldn't even be here talking about this, Plummer said. “It’s a sad day, a sad day for our community once again.”