What is State Issue 1?

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Election day is next week and there are big races on the ballot in Ohio, including the contests for governor and U.S. Senate.

News Center 7′s John Bedell is breaking down one of two complicated questions that is on the ballot for voters to decide on.

State Issue 1 has to do with bail, which is money and conditions and maybe house arrest or drug testing, that people need to pay and follow to get out of jail before a trial.

Bail is meant to make sure a defendant shows up for their court dates. Issue 1 is a constitutional amendment that Ohioans will vote on.

If the issue passes with enough “yes” votes, it will make it easier to keep people behind bars before trial.

The proposal says judges must consider the risk to the public, the suspect’s criminal record, whether they’re a flight risk and the severity of the crimes they are accused of.

Opponents say judges in Ohio can already deny bail when there’s a concern over public safety in a criminal case.

Those against Issue 1 claim it would make an already broken cash bail system worse, one they said already discriminates against the poor and people of color.

Supporters started their push for this amendment after the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that cash bail can only be used to make sure a suspect appears at their court dates and that using it simply to keep a suspect in jail before trial is unconstitutional.

Supporters also said this is all about public safety.