Welcome Back, Nick! WHIO-TV anchor returns amid on-going cancer journey

DAYTON — WHIO-TV’s Nick Foley returned to the anchor desk on Monday morning after going through seven months of treatment for Multiple Myeloma.

In April 2023, Foley announced his cancer diagnosis, which occasionally forced him off the air.

Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells and typically affects the bones and immune system. Foley immediately began radiation and chemotherapy.

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In July 2023, doctors told Foley the treatment was making great progress and that “we are working toward some sort of remission.”

Then, in August and September, Foley underwent a stem cell transplant. He made weekly trips to Columbus beginning in May for his treatment.

Foley said, “Lisa and I then made the decision to continue doing everything we could to extend my remission by electing to undergo a stem cell transplant. According to the most recent statistics, patients who undergo stem cell transplants after treatment typically add several years to remission before the first setback by an average of about 5 to 6 years.”

The transplant Foley had was “autologous,” which uses your own cells that are collected before the procedure and then transplanted back into the patient’s body.

Foley has been recovering at home for the past several weeks, where is worked to regain his strength enough to make it back on the airwaves at WHIO-TV.