“We simply cannot continue this trend;” Over 300 students quarantined in Troy school district

Troy City School officials are asking parents to have their children wear masks to school as more than 300 students are currently in quarantine after just eight days of school.

Superintendent Chris Piper and Maurice Sadler, Heywood Elementary School Principal, released a video on social media where they asked parents to help to keep students safe and in school buildings.

“We’re here today to ask you, to implore you, to beg you to have your child wear a mask to school,” Sadler said.

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They said wearing a mask was the simple thing their children could do to help ensure students could continue to stay in school buildings.

“We simply cannon continue this trend,” Sadler said.

Piper said they hoped to avoid “the division that many communities have experienced” about mask mandates, but one may come if the quarantine numbers do not decrease.

“If they numbers keep trending in this direction, a mask mandate may be in our future,” Piper said.

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Piper said the school has safety protocols implemented included social distancing, as well as cleaning and sanitation practices.

This comes after Troy was forced to cancel their varsity football game due to COVID-19 protocols.

“That’s 10 percent of their season they won’t get back,” Sadler said.

The number of students in quarantine have also led other events to “hang in the balance” now, according to Sadler.