VIDEO: Brawl breaks out in Dayton Municipal Court; suspect now facing felony charges

DAYTON — A fight broke out in a Dayton Municipal Court courtroom Thursday involving a man appearing in court for a suspended license charge and now that man is facing felony charges.

“Don’t touch me, Don’t touch me,” Anthony Matthews yelled to a court security detail officer during his hearing.

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Matthews, 55, of Trotwood, had been set to go on trial for his traffic case. He told the court he was representing himself, when he kept interrupting the judge.

The judge told Matthews if he continued he would be held in contempt of court. That’s when court security officers moved to take Matthews into custody.

Video obtained by News Center 7 through a public records request showed what happened next.

Matthews started arguing with security officers, eventually throwing multiple punches. He was taken to the ground and eventually handcuffed.

The video did not have any audio, so WHIO obtained courtroom audio recordings through Ohio public records laws, which provided more context of why the fight happened.

“On the record, for the record, let the record reflect, I’m of sound mind and body,” Matthews told the judge.

He first told the court he would represent himself and not need a lawyer.

Matthews continually interrupted the judge, as she pointed out he filed a number of motions in a traffic trial.

“Mr. Matthews I’m in charge,” the judge said. “So, you can first have a seat, have a seat please Sir.”

Those court filings indicate Matthews believes he is a sovereign citizen and does not answer to the United States court system. He appeared in court wearing a t-shirt that said, No Prejudice U.C.C..

It’s a reference to the Unified Commercial Code that many sovereign citizens claim is the only law they answer to.

“I demand that you dismiss this matter immediately,” Matthews told the judge.

“You can be found in contempt if you continue to interrupt me,” the judge replied.

It’s when the judge ordered court detail officers to take Matthews into custody that the brawl started.

In the end, Matthews was arrested and is now being held in the Montgomery County Jail.

Matthews was back in court on Friday to face the judge for contempt of court.

Late Friday, prosecutors approved two felony counts of assault on a peace officer and a single count of obstructing official business for the fight.

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