VIDEO: Body cam footage shows man surrender to police, admit to killing woman in Miami Co.

MIAMISBURG — Over 20 minutes of body camera footage show the moments a man admitted to police he shot and killed a woman in Miami County.

A man, later identified as Brian Mason, walks up to an officer in the parking lot of a Miamisburg Police Department.

“I’m here to turn myself in,” Mason said to the officer.

Mason tells the officer he had an “accident last night” and was showing a friend how to shoot a gun when it “went off and shot her in the chest.”

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Mason tells the officer this took place at a home on Montgomery County Line Road, but he was unable to tell officers the exact address.

The officer asks Mason if the person needs medical attention.

“She’s deceased,” Mason replies.

He identifies the woman as 57-year-old Michelle L. Elliot.

Additional officers arrive and start questioning Mason. The officers ask him why he decided to come to Miamisburg.

Mason said he has been driving “all over the place”, he said he has been living out of his truck and motels.

“I wouldn’t be here voluntarily, but I’ve been so scared since it happened,” he said.

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Mason tells officers that he has a weapon in his truck.

The officers take Mason into an interview room for further questioning.

Later that night around 7:30 p.m., Miami County Sheriff Deputies responded to the 11000 block of North Montgomery County Line Road, according to Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak.

They found Elliot dead.

Deputies are working to obtain a search warrant to search Mason’s truck for the weapon and any evidence, according to Miami County Sheriff’s Office.

Mason was taken into custody at the Miamisburg Police Department, transported, and booked into the Miami County Jail. He was arraigned Tuesday morning on murder charges with bond set at $1,000,000.

We will continue to follow this developing story.

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