‘Unbelievable, sick, sick,’ community members react after man attacks Xenia officer with pen

XENIA — One man has been accused of impersonating a parent intending to kidnap a child, including a video that shows the man attacking a police officer with a pen during questioning.

This all happened Monday night after officers said the suspect, Reid Duran, went to Saint Brigid School, pretending to be a parent.

Duran told officers he planned to kidnap a child during the school’s open house.

News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis went to Xenia and spoke with people to see their reactions when they saw the video.

Tricia Coates from Xenia says the situation is unbelievable and sick, and that’s how some feel about the video.

>>VIDEO: Man accused of impersonating parent attacks Xenia officer with pen during questioning

In the video, the officer blocked Duran’s hand, pushed the suspect to the ground, then called for backup.

The video takes place after St. Brigid’s principal called the police because Duran said he was a kindergarten student’s father.

Some who live in Xenia told us they’re glad Duran is in jail, but they wonder what would have happened if the school principal did not raise awareness.

“I feel sorry for the kids now in school now. I mean they can’t be kids, they have to worry about stupid stuff like this. It’s sad,” Coates said.

Online records show Duran will make his first court appearance scheduled to appear in court on August 29 on attempted kidnapping, felonious assault, and felony escape charges.