Trotwood announces plans to demolish Hara Arena

Trotwood announces plans to demolish Hara Arena
Hara Arena after the 2019 Memorial Day tornado damage.

TROTWOOD — Following an attempt to revitalize the tornado-damaged Hara Arena, City of Trowood officials announced plans to demolish the complex and rezone the property.

The facility was heavily damaged in the Memorial Day tornado outbreak in 2019, but was purchased with plans to restore the complex. But due to cost and the extent of the damage, the city will instead demolish the arena.

“However, redeveloping the property would be a challenge due to the extent of the damage, so the decision was made and a contract has been secured to demolish the legendary venue,” a city spokesperson said in a media release Tuesday.

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City officials said steps have already been taken to rezone the property for future development and use. City council voted in March to amend the zoning from commercial recreation to a light industrial district. The change allows for businesses, including manufacturing, distribution centers, and call centers to create new facilities on the property, the city spokesperson said.

“This area has been a reminder of the devastation our community suffered from the 2019 Memorial Day tornado,” Trotwood City Manager Quincy E. Pope, Sr. said in the release. “We are ready to move forward and the City has already taken action so that this property is ready for what’s next.”

City officials will hold a press conference Friday morning that will announce the plans to demolish the arena.