‘Totally unacceptable;’ Trotwood teen’s ear nearly detached after brutal assault on school grounds

TROTWOOD — School officials and police are investigating after the assault of a teenage boy at Trotwood-Madison Middle School was caught on video.

There is no audio on the video that was provided to News Center 7, but the video is shocking. It shows eight middle school students swoop in and knock a lone teen to the ground, on school grounds.

The video shows the teens punch, slap and kick the teen on the ground. Our team learned Tuesday that they 13-year-old victim eventually lost consciousness before being kicked several more times.

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“It gets me emotional and I’m trying to be strong for my family. It hurts because we feel like we were not there to protect him,” Daniel Dockery said.

Daniel and Win Dockery told News Center 7 that the brutal assault left their son, Messiah, with a concussion and an almost detached ear. Doctors and nurses told them their son was incredibly fortunate.

“They were saying he was protected by his angels because he could have been paralyzed, or even worse,” Win Dockery said.

The Dockery’s decided to speak out because the video is already out on social media and they wanted to publicly set the record straight.

These parents have been told the group of students assaulting their son on the video was upset with another boy who had apparently broken up with a girl, but Messiah didn’t even know anyone involved. His parents have, at least temporarily pulled him and his siblings out of school.

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“They knew Messiah didn’t have anything to do with it, there was a hit list created,” Win Dockery said.

“What happened was totally unacceptable behavior by the students, we do not condone that behavior and were horrified by the actions seen on the video,” Dr. Reva Cosby, Trotwood Schools Superintendent, said in a statement to News Center 7.

Cosby added that all eight students have been placed on a 10-day suspension from school with a recommendation for expulsion. Those hearings will take place in the coming days.

The Dockery’s told News Center 7 that they’ve been told by Trotwood Police that all eight middle school students are facing criminal charges through juvenile court. Police confirmed the investigation to News Center 7′s Mike Campbell.

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