Studies suggest link between Vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19 infections

Medical studies are showing that taking vitamin D can decrease a patient’s chances of getting a severe COVID infection.

A study published in Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that more than 80 percent of 200 hospitalized COVID patients had a vitamin D deficiency. Those patients recovered better after receiving a vitamin D prescription.

Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, helps keep bones and immune systems strong.

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Premier Health’s Regional Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Allen said the because of lack of sunshine in Ohio during the winter, it could be beneficial to take vitamin D supplements.

“Taking a little bit of extra vitamin D right now is not going to hurt a thing. I think it will help you fight off the infection if you do get it, at least your outcome could potentially be better,” said Dr. Allen.

In addition to vitamin D, Dr. Allen also recommends taking Zinc.

Dr. Allen recommends reading the back label of any supplement to find the correct dosage, as it it possible to take too much of one.