Some left to live out of hotel rooms as construction delays at apartment complex near UD continue

DAYTON — Some University of Dayton students have been paying rent at an apartment complex for months and still haven’t moved in.

Instead, they’re living in hotel rooms.

At “The Flight” students have moved into some units, but the majority are empty.

Students said they have been asked to stay at a hotel nearly 20 minutes from campus.

Its Cheikh Ndiaye’s last year at UD.

“We are seniors, we are trying to have fun,” Ndiaye said.

He is supposed to living in the brand-new Flight apartments.

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“All the students were like ‘oh my god this new apartment complex is so nice, it has a pool,’ Ndiaye said.

But some claim the complex looks nothing like the photos.

So Ndiaye has been living at the Mariott near UD.

“It’s crazy you would see they have big microwave coffeemakers just stacked up there’s not enough space at all,” he said.

A manager for the Marriott said reservations booked by The Flight for students at the hotel just came to an end.

Students have been asked by The Flight to move to the Residence Inn 11 miles from campus.

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" I was like ... ‘are you serious?’” Ndiaye’s mother Amy said.

Amy said instead her son will be staying with her — an idea Cheikh agrees with.

" I’d rather just come home. It’s way too expensive,” he said.

Cheikh has still had to pay rent for the apartment he isn’t living in.

“The first month I think we pay about 924 second month 884 and October will be 808,” Amy said.

“It hurts, it hurts,” Cheikh said.

The Mariott manager said the students have been great to house and if The Flight rebooked them they can move back in closer to campus.

But Ndiaye is staying at home until his unit is ready, which isn’t expected to happen until Oct. 16.

UD has previously told News Center 7 that this is not one of their properties but “UD Housing and Residence Life has reached out to students to inform them of available options for the entire 2023-2024 year.”