Restaurants, bars hoping for boost in business during Bengals playoff game

MIAMI VALLEY — Restaurants and bars in the Miami Valley are ready for the big game when the Bengals continue their playoff push on Saturday in Nashville.

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News Center 7′s John Bedell talked to local restaurant owners who said the Bengals game will be a boost for their business. They’re hoping the game on TV will bring more people through the doors.

Nick Giallombardo, owner of Geez Grill and Pub in Washington Township, was at the game at Paul Brown Stadium to see the Bengals beat the Raiders to break the 31-year playoff win drought.

“We’re taking reservations. Installed a new big screen, hoping it’ll fill it up for the whole game. Bring on a victory,” said Giallombardo.

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Bob Byers, Carmel’s Southwest Bar and Grill Owner, is a black and orange convert, as a Pittsburgh transplant living in Dayton.

Byers says they have Bengals fans who maybe want a little quieter game experience.

“People are here, we’re not doing a whole lot of shouting and yelling. So we’ll get a nice crowd for an older crowd to watch the Bengals go. And we’re going to have a pre-game party out on the patio. We have a heated patio,” Byers said.

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If the Bengals can stay hot, they say it’ll continues to be good for business.

“It’s going to help some sales for sure. Well-needed sales right now,” Giallombardo said.

Both Geez and Carmel’s owners told me the boost in business for the Bengals comes at a good time because this time of year is typically slower for business.