Random drawing decides winner in tied election vote for Jackson Center village council

JACKSON CENTER — A random drawing was used to select the winner for Jackson Center village council after the vote ended in a tie in November, the Ohio Secretary of State announced Friday.

Under Ohio law, the tie is broken by the board of elections to determine the winner, either by flipping a coin or by other methods, such as drawing straws, picking a name written on paper out of a hat, or cutting cards, the Secretary of State’s office said.

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“Following the November election, all but two of the tied races were determined by a coin flip; Fulton County and Shelby County chose to decide on its winner of the Metamora Village Council race and the Jackson Center Village Council by randomly drawing the winning name of the tied candidates,” a statement from the Secretary of State’s office read.

Jim Gooding ended up winning the seat for the Shelby County village.

Recounts had already been done for the race prior to the tie being declared.

The Jackson Center vote was one of 18 races, but only local race, that ended in a tie across the state.

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