Ponitz principal injured breaking up fight between students

DAYTON — The principal at Ponitz Career Tech Center was injured Thursday during a fight involving several students, which now has police investigating for potential felony assault charges, according to a Dayton police report.

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“In an effort to break up the fight, the principal was hurt. However, she is going to be fine,” said Dr. Elizabeth Lolli, Dayton Public Schools Superintendent. “The school’s SROs were outside at their assigned posts monitoring traffic when the fight began. The SROs responded immediately and went indoors to help administrators and teachers break up the fight.”

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Dayton police responded to the school at 741 Washington St. in Dayton around 2:30 p.m., which is around the time the school dismisses for the day.

“Fighting of any kind is not tolerated in the Dayton Public Schools. Students will face discipline and/or legal consequences,” Lolli said.

Lolli said one student was arrested as a result of the fight.