Man holds attempted burglary suspects at gunpoint: ‘I just knew that I wanted to stop them”

A man held three alleged attempted burglary suspects at gunpoint outside of Belmont Party Supply, located at 2621 S. Smithville Road, until police arrived in Dayton earlier Sunday morning around 3 a.m.

The man, who only identified himself as Kevin, witnessed another attempted burglary last April at the same store. “I didn’t know what to do or how much time I had, so I recorded them on my phone and gave it to police,” he said.

This time he went further. “I thought it was the same people as last time. One guy was standing outside the window, a girl was in the car waiting to go, and a guy was moving in the store,” he said.

Upon grabbing his pistol and running across the street, Kevin told the suspects to get on the ground. The female and the man standing outside the window complied and sat down. The person inside, who was wearing a black hoodie, came out with his face covered, got in the passenger side of the vehicle, and slid into the drivers seat. After yelling at him to get out of the car, he eventually did and sat down.

Kevin had his pistol pointed at the three suspects sitting until police arrived. When they did, they demanded Kevin to put the gun down, and when he did, one of the males fled the scene.

A K9 unit from Kettering was brought to the scene and attempted to track the male, but did not.

“It was intense,” said Kevin. “I just knew that I wanted to stop them.”

The other male juvenile suspect was arrested and taken to the Juvenile Justice Center, Sgt. Kyle Thomas of the Dayton Police Department confirmed.

The female suspect in the vehicle, Aphiffany Katelyn Baily, 18, was arrested and is facing breaking and entering charges.

It is unknown if police have located the male suspect who fled the scene, or if anything was taken from the store.

This break-in is the third attempt this year, said employee Richard Wright.

He is feeling grateful for the Good Samaritan, Kevin. “We need good people like that to step up,” said Wright.

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