Planning Commission, developers continue review of Springboro Easton Farm project

SPRINGBORO — The Springboro Planning Commission continued its review of the Easton Farm mixed-use development on Wednesday, and developers gave better insight on what the project could look like.

The proposal calls for the rezoning of the land located on the western side of State Route 741 just south of Anna Drive and north Tamarack Trail.

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During the planning commission meeting, Dillin LLC, a Springboro based development company and one of the two working with the city on this proposal, continued preliminary presentations of their plan.

The company’s main focus during the meeting was on the work that they have done in the past to try and give people an idea of what they could expect.

“When I go and visit other developments the sense of pride is very real. I feel so good about the things that we’ve done in the past and so good about our intentions of what we’ll do here that’s just our nature, that’s what we do,” said Cheryl Dillin, with Hardy Communications and Marketing.

The company is excited and developers say the proposed new development is something people are going to use and love.

“You know, we’re a master planner. We’re really trying to bring something to Springboro, all of Springboro, not just this land but incorporating all of Springboro. That is something that not only are our residents going to use and love but something they’re really going to be proud of,” Dillin said.

During the planning commission meeting, no vote was scheduled and won’t happen until June at the earliest.

The company has received feedback from the commission and the public, and a traffic study is also being done as part of the due diligence leading up to this potential project.

While changes are being made to the proposal, Dillon hopes to have approval and be ready to finish in 2023.

Those interested can take a look at videos of the proposed development on the Easton Farm website,