Parent uses profanity while berating students at Richard Allen Academy

Published: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 @ 5:49 PM

Several Richard Allen Academy parents are upset after one parent went into a fifth grade classroom Tuesday and used profanity while berating students about their behavior.

Some students recorded the incident on cell phone and sent it to their parents, and the video was posted on social media. 

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The recordings are almost all dark as the students secretly recorded the parent, and only occasionally does one see a glimpse of the classroom floor or someone’s foot or leg. But the unidentified parent can be heard clearly, including both times she used profanity. 

“And if anybody has something to say, they have a problem with, I need them to address me now because I’m not trying to teach them. The rules that apply to you, don’t apply to me,” the parent can be heard saying on the video. 

School officials say the parent was at the school because Tuesday students were preparing to go on a field trip.

School officials said the students were excited about going on the field trip and being outside all day. But they were not fighting or being disorderly.

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The parent, who has a child in the fifth grade classroom, stopped by to talk to her child and became frustrated about the noise level. 

Superintendent Michelle Thomas said she spent several hours speaking with concerned parents about the incident, and the issue has been resolved. 

“It has been investigated,” she said. “We have taken disciplinary action. The situation has been resolved.”

Thomas declined to comment further, but said the parent involved in the incident has apologized to to the school about her actions.