Over 50 University of Dayton students facing discipline for St. Patrick’s Day parties

DAYTON — Dozens of University of Dayton students are facing disciplinary action by the school after several large gatherings on St. Patrick’s Day and the following Saturday in the student neighborhoods, according to a UD spokesperson.

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After the parties last Wednesday and Saturday, UD referred 52 students for disciplinary action for the gatherings. One non-UD student was also arrested for attempting to steal a grill from a back porch, the university official said.

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“These incidents occurred on or near UD property, including residence halls, individual houses and other locations, as well as during the large-scale gathering in the student neighborhood on March 20,” the UD official said in a statement to News Center 7.

“We continue to investigate and are referring students to the student disciplinary system as appropriate. The University’s COVID-19 safety protocols and expectations continue to remain in place.”

The university sent a note to students days before St. Patrick’s Day warning them of consequences if specific COVID-19 protocols were not followed. In a letter to students, administrators listed potential consequences including interim suspension, removal from campus for remote study, suspension for the rest of the semester, and expulsion.

“Because of the seriousness of any violations, disciplinary action will be swifter and more severe than in the past,” school administrators said in the letter.

UD students News Center 7 talked to today said their hope was no student would be expelled because of the gatherings on St. Patrick’s Day and March 20.

“St. Patty’s Day is obviously huge around here at UD. I think (parties) should have been expected, right or wrong, I think it should have been expected,” senior Luke Moorman said.

“Not gonna lie it was kind of nice to see people having fun again, gathering. But obviously with COVID and everything it’s raised for a little concern,” he said.

On Saturday, UD officials said COVID-19 testing would be ramped up in the aftermath of the gatherings.

As of Friday’s data, UD currently reports eight total COVID-19 cases among students. There have been more cases reported since the parties according to UD’s data, however the seven-day average for new cases stands at one.

Additionally the seven-day average for active cases on campus is four. The university’s COVID campus status, which is separate from any state or regional system, remains at “green” for localized.