Oregon District Shooting

Oregon District Shooting: How 9 victims will be remembered, 4 years later

DAYTON — Today marks four years since the deadly mass shooting in the Oregon District where nine people lost their lives.

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Monica Brickhouse, Nicholas Cumer, Derrick Fudge, Thomas McNichols, Lois Oglesby, Saeed Saleh, Logan Turner, Beatrice Warren-Curtis, and Megan Betts are the victims, and the community will remember them.

17 others were hurt in the shooting that happened in the early morning hours of August 4, 2019.

NewsCenter 7 was in the Oregon District for the memorials last year where people came together to celebrate and remember the victims and, “reclaim this street.”

“We reclaim this area,” Dion Greene, shooting survivor and the son of Derrick Fudge said back in 2022. “We will not let hate or evil keep from something that they don’t own.”

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The Fudge Foundation, named after Oregon District Shooting victim, Derrick Fudge, is holding a special event tonight.

It’s called “Never Forget the 9.” The event will take place on East Fifth Street in the Oregon District from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

The event is organized by Green and will feature live music and give people a chance to come together in remembrance.

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Ever since the shooting, NewsCenter 7 has also told the story of Jeremy Granger.

He was a bouncer at Ned Pepper’s the night of the shooting and stopped the gunman from getting into the bar.

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Granger told NewsCenter 7 that this day is always hard for him but still comes back to the Oregon District each year because he won’t let the violence that happened here in 2019 take this space away from the community.

“I want this day to live on forever, I want people to understand,” he said back in 2022. “We need to start treating each other with respect and love, and stop the hate, stop the violence.”

There are plans in place for a permanent memorial to remember the victims of the shooting.

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NewsCenter 7 reported earlier this year five artist teams presented their proposed designs for the memorial.

The winning team will get $200,000 to create the public art memorial.

It will be in the plaza that’s right next to the Trolley Stop on East Fifth Street.

The 8-4 Memorial Committee previously said it planned to announce the design selection today.

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