Oakwood girl competes in national cooking competition

OAKWOOD — At just 11 years old, a young cook from Oakwood is being recognized on the national level for her skills in the kitchen.

Aubrey Creighton started cooking after she discovered her great grandmother’s recipes. Creighton competed in the Stride National Cooking Competition in her grandmother’s kitchen, with her family cheering her on.

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“My great grandmother has this cookbook with around maybe 200 recipes, so I chose my top 50 that I thought were really interesting and I took those and I kind of recreated them,” Creighton said.

Creighton was one of five finalists to compete in the K-12 National Cooking Competition.

For the competition, Creighton had to create her own recipe using a sea ingredient, something from the freezer, at least one green ingredient, a protein and three spices other than salt and pepper.

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Creighton told News Center 7′s Candace Price that she decided to make a “scratch cornmeal tostada, with baked cauliflower rice, grilled shrimp with saffron, paprika, chipotle, union powder and garlic powder and also a salsa verde.”

The dish won her third place in the competition.

“It’s really amazing. This is my first time and I got bronze. I’m really proud of myself,” Creighton said.