Northmont grad looking to help Michigan advance in College Football Playoff

DAYTON — Northmont grad Rod Moore is a starter on Michigan’s defense and will be playing in the College Football Playoff.

Moore, a 2021 Northmont grad, is a true freshman at Michigan. He burst on to the scene late in the 2021 season, making his first start at Penn State. Moore was named Michigan’s defensive rookie of the year and special teams rookie of the year.

To think a year ago he was in high school and is now in the final four of the college football season with a shot at a national title.

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“Kind of like shocking and unbelievable because, like you said, a year ago me and my dad were just on the couch watching the other teams play this,” Moore said. “Just to be able to be in this position to play this is a blessing from God, a dream come true. Me and my family’s always prayed on this.”

Moore also started against Ohio State and recorded a season high 9 tackles, including 4 solo tackles.

“When I was told I was starting that game it was like ‘oh God, I have to show up,’” Moore said. “I have to show up and show out because I’m going to take this game personal and I know everybody at home’s going to be watching.”

Gabe Newburg, a fellow Northmont grad, is also on Michigan’s roster. Between the two Thunderbolts and Michigan beating Ohio State, Moore said he’s hoping to convert some Buckeyes fans to start cheering for the Wolverines.

“Probably last week I think,” Moore said. “I came home for like a week. I went to a basketball game everybody there was like ‘I’m an Ohio State fan but I’m cheering for you.’ I’m like I’m not hearing that. Come be a Michigan fan, we just beat y’all. Just be a Michigan fan. But a lot of my family’s starting to come over to the Michigan side.”

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When Moore was in 8th grade he went to a camp at Georgia. He said it was his dream school The Bulldogs never recruited him, but when Michigan entered the mix he knew that was something special.

“As soon as they came on I was like ‘I like this already.’ It stood out more than any other school on my list,” Moore said. “The reason for that is it’s a school that will give me a good future whether it’s with football or academics.”

Now Moore is ready to play in the national spotlight as he takes the field in the College Football Playoff.

“To me it’s kind of like a regular game just a bigger stage,” Moore said. “That’s how I’m taking because I don’t want to make myself overwhelmed with this game.”

Michigan plays Georgia on New Year’s Eve with the winner earning a trip to Indianapolis to play for a national title against the winner of Alabama and Cincinnati.

James Rider

James Rider

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