‘No one had time to respond;’ Neighbors believe tornado ripped roof off Warren County house

CARLISLE — Powerful winds ripped the roof off a Warren County home Monday evening.

Neighbors living along Timberwolf Drive in Carlisle said they believe a tornado is what caused the damage.

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In this community, it appears this was the only house with damage.

Jeff Hogsten, who lives in the neighborhood, said it all happened quickly.

“Two minutes, maximum. It was that quick. No one had time to respond. I was watching from my front door and no one had time to respond,” Hogsten said. “There were no sirens, nothing. It just went and came down and that was the end of it.

Katie Reece, who also lives in the neighborhood, sent News Center 7 doorbell camera footage showing the storm from Monday night.

The National Weather Service has not confirmed if a tornado touched down in Carlisle, but they have received reports of damage along with a video of a possible funnel cloud.

NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist Brandon Peloquin said they are still in report-gathering mode and evaluating damage reports.

We will continue updating this story.