New peace heroes signs unveiled, classroom set booklets given to local schools

MIAMI VALLEY — The Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail and partners unveiled new signs which debut the new peace hero’s booklet Sunday at the Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, a spokesperson from the organization said.

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Classroom sets of the booklets were presented to educators at Centerville City Schools, Miami Valley School, and Westwood Elementary School.

Local peace partners like Faith Choice Ohio, Linda Vista Project, Single Parents Rock, and Gem City Market have presented checks for their work with the organization, the spokesperson said.

On Sunday, guests were able to tour the trail which has signs featuring 59 peace-building individuals and organizations.

The signs depict both contemporary and historical, international, and local heroes, the spokesperson said.

The signs were designed by Matthew Clark, and they help promote peacebuilding through the stories of peace heroes and the exploration of the ideals that guide them.

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This event marks the fourth year of sign installations, the spokesperson said.

“It’s powerful – the idea of peace heroes clicked for me the first time I heard it! How important it is for kids, everyone really, to lift up those who feed the hungry, heal the sick, and bring more justice into this world. Thinking about peace heroes, those who build things up makes me more positive and focused on my own efforts,” coordinator of the Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail Catherine Queener said.