Local high school principal sleeps on roof after students exceed fundraising challenge

BROOKVILLE — A local high school principal slept on the school’s roof Sunday night, according to the district’s Facebook page.

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Brookville High School students have been competing to raise money for the Pink Ribbon Good of Dayton.

Their principal, Jason Stephan, challenged them to raise over $1,000 in a week, and if they did, he promised to sleep on the roof of his office.

“My wife and my kids helped me get the ladder, we got it up here and then they took the ladder home so they don’t want dad home tonight. So I’m up here all night long,” Stephan said.

Students were able to exceed the goal and raised $2,229 in one week.

“I just, I think it really just, you know doing this was a thank you to our kids and our community for all their work over the last week it really makes a difference to our community, our friends, neighbors, loved ones who are battling cancer and this is just a small token of what we’re willing to do to help our community out here in Brookville and throughout the Miami Valley,” Stephan said.

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