‘My 15-year-old is gone;’ Local mother looking for answers after son killed in hit-and-run

DAYTON — A 15-year-old boy is dead after being hit by a car at Riverview Park in Dayton over the weekend.

His mother is now looking for any information that the public has about what happened to her son Saturday night.

Adrian Williams was hit by a car while at a birthday party. Witnesses that saw what happened said they stood there and prayed over his body until the ambulance showed up.

Christine Williams described how she will remember her son.

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“He was infectious. He loves to smile. He loves to be around people. Active in church, active in his community with his organizations. He was a good kid,” she said.

Around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night, Williams got a call about a situation involving her son that no mother wants to hear.

“Adrian and some friends came here to this park for a birthday party,” Williams said. “As far as I know it was a good party.”

She told News Center 7 that as the party was wrapping up someone started shooting. Witnesses who were there that night said they heard multiple shots.

According to an incident report from Dayton police, at 10:47 p.m. gunshots were heard in the area.

“The party dispersed, people I heard were running, hiding, ducking in the midst of that. Cars were doing donuts over here and riding in the grass,” she said. “In the midst of these cars riding and everything, a car hit Adrian. The car stopped and I guess thought about it and pulled off and left. But I’m grateful that the parents were there because they’re the ones who stayed with him until the ambulance came.”

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The woman who stayed and prayed over his body said she watched as a red Dodge Charger hit Adrian as he was running away from the alleged gunfire.

“Adrian was running and he smacked him and ran over him with the front tires and then he stops and then kept going,” the witness told News Center 7. “When I seen him hit the little boy that’s when I pulled up.”

She stayed by his side until ambulances came and took him to Miami Valley Hospital.

She was at the park with her son who was at the birthday party. He told News Center 7 he saw the alleged shooter as he was looking for his mom.

Williams said she has many questions about what happened that night and isn’t getting answers.

“My 15-year-old is gone. I have to plan to say goodbye to him. His brothers, his family all have to say goodbye now,” she said.

Williams said anyone with any information that can help her find out what happened to her son can reach out to Dayton police.