Motorcyclist crashes into pole in Trotwood Saturday night

TROTWOOD, Montgomery County — Trotwood Police and Fire are responding to a crash involving a single motorcycle and a pole Saturday night, according to Montgomery County dispatcher supervisors.

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A person driving a motorcycle hit a pole on 4044 Salem Avenue in Trotwood, dispatch supervisors said.

News Center 7 went to the scene of the crash and observed a white sheet covering what appeared to be a body. However, police have not confirmed the conditions of the driver involved.

Police scanners said the person who crashed was unresponsive. The cause of this crash is unknown.

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Crews on scene have started an investigation, according to scanner traffic.

Fire crews on scene say there is damage to the pole that was hit, according to scanner traffic.

News Center 7 teams are on scene working to learn more information.

This is a breaking event and News Center 7 will update the story once more information becomes available.